Base on many demands in promotion and media support of product to build some images and awareness, here were are stand as a company that try to answer all the needs of client.

CV. Diva Nusantara Enterprise (Diva Pendidikan) was established since 2009 as major in Advertising, Printing, Publishing, Company Images, Media Placement & Event Organizer and Outsourcing Management. With basic good relationship with Media and capability in Graphic Design, we try to give the best services not only in supporting for clients needs but also in creating something for activation that suitable in clients target to reach the goals.

In Modern Market with complicated competition sometimes Client need a wall-pass with certain strategy and full of determination with one goals to win the Market, to be number one and beat all the opponents.That’s why the clients needs support from the companies that has good knowledge, creative and highly motivation to work as a team and make anything possible.We are trying to make it happen and do our best to serve well and have a mutual benefits for both sides.